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Six Flags St. Lewis 

Six Flags St. Lewis is known for its versatile rides that please both the thrill seekers and the kids. Anyone who visits is sure to find a ride they love.

Some popular rides include the American Thunder, an excellent throwback ride, the Boomerang, where riders are pulled back then launched into a series of twists and spins, and the Dragon, where guests bungee cord off of a 150 ft tall tower.

Adrenalin addicts enjoy the Ninja, which spins you through butterfly 360s, sidewinder loops, and a double corkscrew. Tackle the Sky-Screamer, and be flung through the air from a 23 story tall tower. Go on the Screaming Eagle, a real thriller with ten-story drops and speeds up to 62 mph. If you're not feeling an extreme ride, conquer in an interactive Justice League themed laser tag shooting game - Battle for Metropolis.

While Six Flags St. Lewis offers many exhilarating rides, they also provide calmer rides for those who want fun without a thrilling adventure. With rides like Colossus, a giant Ferris wheel, the iconic Grand Ole Carousel, and the Moon Antique Cars, Six Flags St. Lewis is the perfect park for the entire family.

Specifically for kids, they have a Loony Tune's theme park. Rides in the Loony Tune's park are based on the beloved cartoon characters. Kids go crazy for the Marvin the Martian Camp Invasion ride, and the Taz Twisters.

At Six Flags St. Lewis, you're sure to have the adventure of a lifetime.